Family Session | Last Summer Session in Russia!

Family Session & Tip

We get used to taking some family photos in Mauritius. But the situation turned this way that we stay in Russia and explore new beautiful places.
It is a pleasure to take pictures in a place you never been to before. Like a new step in our job and gives more inspiration.

We are living in a town called Vologda. Where Daria from. The city is included in the “Golden Ring” route, popular and loved by tourists. Vologda is famous for churches and monasteries. And also there are beautiful forests, lakes, rivers, and endless fields.

Some Important Tip for Your Family Photos…

There are tons of different photos you might get during your family photo session, but these are the 5 that I personally feel are the most important, must-have shots!

Now I know you think I’m going to say that the most important photo is that grandma shot of everyone looking at the camera.

Well, guess what? You’re wrong!

The shots that I think are the most important are the ones that make you FEEL. So I’m going to focus on feelings here, things that make you feel when you look at them.

Because when you get your photos taken, it should be to capture a feeling. To capture the way your family is right now, how you interact, how you laugh. That’s what you are going to want to remember later.

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If you find yourself asking “ are family pictures worth it”, have a look below and we think you’ll find the answer easily enough 🙂

Travel photographer Family photoshoot


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