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An amazing Model: Veronika
11/01/2019 by Johny in Uncategorized 0 Comments

Model Photography For a Bikini Brand Some weeks ago I had the pleasure of an international model photography for a bikini brand. This is something that has been in the works for so long and so many thoughts, and ideas have gone into it. Finally, it happened. It was so great to have Veronika model this bikini brand in front of the camera because she made it all seem so real and effortless like the bikini was made for her body. It was very easy and wonderful to work with her and capture these beautiful photos. The bikini brand is all about being confident in your body and taking pride in it, and the model for one has shown that in the pictures. She looked phenomenal and proud of every inch of her body making the job of this innovative Model photographer in Mauritius so easy because all the pictures are breathtaking, it might be hard to even make a selection. The pictures did not come out just because we used the best gadgets or a celebrity for the model photography, but because the model owned her beauty and her body. To be a fashion lover and pull off every […]

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12/12/2018 by Johny in Uncategorized 0 Comments

FASHION & BEAUTY PHOTOGRAPHY SESSION Mauritius Fashion Photography How you feel about yourself being in front of the camera probably depends on how professionally the photographer can create a genuine connection with you as a fashion and beauty session model. It also will have a lot to do with the manner in which you spent your holidays in the country of your destination.  Sun-kissed Anastasia spent her holidays walking on the sand surrounded with the palm trees of the paradise island of Mauritius, seeking refuge from driving in suburban rain of her home country this fall. If you hold posture in the same high regard as the princess of Monaco Grace Kelly – who’s photo made the cover of Collier’s magazine in 1955, – you’ll be familiar with the need of disrupting your true personality to show the world who you really are. No one likes those sagging lines that emerge as soon as you sit down. That said, it’s truly important to keep getting confident with every pose you make.  This is why the confidence is such a joy to behold – not to mention wear. Wear it with a smile on your face during your next vacation for the effect […]

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24/11/2018 by Johny in Uncategorized 0 Comments

Wedding Photography There’s some magic in the air, as Christmas season is near, can you feel that too? In a place where summer is just getting to its full potential it’s the right time to get your Mauritius wedding photography for life! Have you been waiting for someone out? Go for it! Want to create unique memories? The stars are on your side! You are emotionally motivated and quick to blurt out your feelings so don’t confess anything in the heat of the moment unless you truly mean it! Just pick a unique photo location, leave your shoes, get out of your boring routine, and do whatever you want. With Focus photography team capturing every moment, any activities with your partner promise to be incredible. And yeah, be yourself, connecting with the nature in a breeze. This way your confidence gets unreal and there’s a big probability to create unforgettable experience with the wedding photographer in Mauritius, choosing the right fit for you. Even if the rest of the week is going to be much slower, you’ll be happy. Under the moody tone of the weather, it’s still possible to keep that same vibe of the wedding photoshoot in Mauritius […]

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Mauritius is a great destination for wedding photography

Best Wedding Photographers Mauritius is a great destination for professional wedding photography and beach wedding photo-shoot The best wedding photographs are those that you feel like going back to, time and again. That is precisely why it’s very important to hire best wedding photographers who knows the nuances of designing and planning creative wedding photoshoots for you to keep flipping back to. While the end result of your pre wedding photoshoot is the most important thing, it’s also crucial that you enjoy the process of getting your photos clicked. The best wedding photographers have pre-designed destination wedding photography packages, and are experts at what is known as candid wedding photography. Mauritius is a great destination for wedding photography, but, to make the most of your destination, here are some pointers for ensuring a good photoshoot that’s fun for everyone involved.  #1 Plan your pre-wedding photoshoot like you’d plan a date That way you can spend quality time with your partner, while doing interesting activities together. This could be something as simple as sipping coffee together, or something as elaborate as sipping champagne on a yacht.  #2 Behave almost as you would, if the camera weren’t clicking away This is easier […]

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Telling the story of a family | Mauritius giveaway
04/09/2018 by Johny in Uncategorized 0 Comments

Photography Contest Telling the story of a family that won the contest game “Mauritius Giveaway 2017” Once in a year we have the Photography Contest game “Mauritius giveaway” and the lucky draw has chosen this lovely family. This beautiful family is as lovely as they look in the pictures. The winner of our Photography Giveaway content 2017 had an astounding experience traveling and discovering the beauty of Mauritius with the fascinating photo shoot session. This Outdoor Family Photography session was an exciting experience for Focus Photography too.  The most adorable kids and the lovely parents were a joy to work with. I believe to be a mom of three kids, its not an easy tasks and thanks that she took care of the clothes it looked harmonious. From the beginning until the end of the shooting everything was excellent. Everyone was in a good mood and even the weather was on our side It was just amazing to capture those beautiful moments and to share it with you guys. Take part in our Giveaway Photography Contest to win the exciting full day photography packages. We are giving away our most popular photography packages for free!!! Help your relatives and friends to win […]

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11/08/2018 by Johny in Uncategorized 0 Comments

GIVEAWAY TIME 🏆   Big news! Our first wedding photography contest giveaway 2018 !! You heard right, We’re giving away a full day Mauritius wedding photography contest giveaway package for free!!! So help your relatives and friends to win a wedding session. Every years we give you the chance to participate in our contest and to win nice a photo session from our professional photographer in Mauritius. Wedding photography content giveaway How to enter the game: 1. Tag 5 best friends in comment 2. Share this post (public) and use the hashtag #focusgiveaway2018 3. Like our Instagram : @mauritius_photographer 4. Send your photo and the wedding date via Good luck Focus photography Focus Photography are an international team photographer, in love with the island, its nature & its beach As professionals & full time photographer in Mauritius, we know all the hidden gems and places and can create the most beautiful shots with you. Whatever the season and the conditions, we will take you to the places that suit you best – with the atmosphere you are looking for – to create timeless memories… This contest is strictly reserved for Mauritian citizen. The winner of Wedding Photography Giveaway 2017, […]

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Cora & Gao | Explore Mauritius
16/07/2018 by Johny in Uncategorized 0 Comments

Cora + Gao Explore Mauritius We had an unexpected request from a couple who would like to experience the trip photo session  and explore  Mauritius and its beauty, but the matter was that couple had to leave on the next evening. it was quite tight to arrange everything in a short period of time. We did our best to schedule few interesting locations: First photo stop was in a mountain valley called Verdun Road It is an amazing view with the famous mountain Pieter Both and the Northern view. We drive about one hour to the next photo stop in the Center island called Mare aux Vacoas it is a beautiful old garden with some giant trees, we can feel the atmosphere of jungle and peaceful. The couple was breath taken with the nature and they feel so comfortable with our camera. On the way to Explore Mauritius the last photo stop we found a beautiful location near to Trois Mamelles mountain. Which we couldn’t not stop to catch the beauty. Finally comes the last photo stop and the place where we going to bring you, it called the unique Light House in Mauritius situated at the West of the island. We have a wonderful […]

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Christian + Caroline | Family
14/07/2018 by Johny in Uncategorized 0 Comments

Special Wedding Photography in Mauritius Christian + Caroline, There isn’t much that I can say about this family, so I’ll keep this short so you can get to all the pretty. Sweet in fact, that I was caught up all in the moments with them during their wedding day, just being around them made me happy and when you realize that your children can make your wedding day so much fun.. It was a very special wedding photography event here in Mauritius. Thanks for being so amazing to work with – I hope you have the best life together! Planning a dream wedding can be a tedious task and requires utmost attention and it is necessary to get these moments captured right for you to take a boastful trip down the memory lane. Hire Focus Photography for Wedding Photography in Mauritius and ease the stress of wedding. Find world class professional wedding photographer in Mauritius from Focus Photography for your private events, pre wedding or family wedding photography.  We capture these special private moments of yours candidly. Contact us now for professional wedding photography in Mauritius to make it the best moments of your life. It is important to have the […]

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Unique Vacation Trip | Unforgettable Photo Session in Mauritius
11/06/2018 by Johny in Uncategorized 0 Comments

Unique Vacation Trip Photography in Mauritius Focus photography designed  the Trip Photo Session package for some customers who do not want to do these casual photo shooting in their resort. Hire us for Vacation Photography in Mauritius. Here is a couple from Russia, they really like nature and want to explore the beauty of Mauritius not just by taking a taxi travelling around the island. Our work is to show little part of your love story surrounded by Mauritius’ beautiful nature. Let our pictures show you the work done!! vacation photography Spending a memorable vacation with your lover or your family is just what everyone needs these days. And to have someone capture these moments perfectly so that you can cherish them somewhere down the lane of life is what everyone hopes for. If you are thinking of a vacation in Mauritius, we’ve got you covered. Focus Photography are the leaders of professional Vacation photography in Mauritius. Explore the beauty of Mauritius with some amazing places to visit and get those moments captured with you for eternity.  Our trained professional vacation photographer in Mauritius will travel with you to make sure they get each and every moment of those special times with your family or loved ones. Focus Photography has […]

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Dana & John | Beach Wedding Photography
05/06/2018 by Johny in Uncategorized 0 Comments

Dana & John | Beach Wedding Photography Today’s post is featuring this adorably happy beach wedding photography of the couple, Dana + John. They got married this April so they wanted to get something different for their beach wedding photography in Mauritius island. We rarely shoot at Zilwa Hotel and we were surprised realizing that its getting darker early before we are in winter session. Here comes those stunning night photos, Night photography is one of most best skill a photographer need to know how mastering. In night photography, there are no fractions of a second. It is the opposite of point and shoot. It isn’t usually about moments watch until the end… Their wedding day was just as magical. All my best to you guys. To have a perfect beach wedding and to add some extra flair to those intense pre and post wedding photography is just what this beach wedding photography is all about. The lovely moments on the sun kissed beaches of Mauritius with the love of your life and to have those lovely moments on the beach at moonlit night is the most surreal feeling.  Have your dream wedding on the beach and get those special […]

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