Frequently Asked Questions about photoshoot in Mauritius

After discussing the date and time with us for your photoshoot, you can select the package you wish to order and make the down payment directly at https://www.focusphotography.ru/packages/
You are not required to have a PayPal account for making the payment. An advance session fee is required to hold the date for photoshoot.

It is always advised to wear the clothes which make you feel good and comfortable. Usually, contrasting outfits, being eye-catching, are preferred over all matching clothes, but all white, or white + jeans still make classy combination. To get a better idea for your outfit.

We recommend people who sweat a lot to wear an undershirt and materials like cotton which are comfortable and allow easier exchange of air with skin. Color shirts such as black, or navy blue can also be worn as sweat is less visible on darker cloths.

Depending on your hotel of stay, we can recommend some really good places for you on the island. However, it is often better to discuss it together to find the best place for you.

For best results, afternoon is a good time for photo session if we’re doing it in the north or western part of the island. For the east and south, morning time is advised. However, photoshoots in places such as parks, which have a lot of shade can be done in either morning, or the afternoon. We avoid photoshoots in the midday for best results.

A week after the photo session, we will send you an email with link which will take you to a private online gallery. This gallery can only be opened by you. Using the link, you will be able to viewed your photos and as optional you van make your own selection if you wish so.

To produce the best results, we process your photos to optimize the brightness, contrast, and color balance. After some basic and advanced retouching (e.g., skin smoothening and teeth whitening), we deliver your photos within a maximum duration of two months.

The core equipment we use for photography are a Nikon 750 and Nikon 850, with Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 lens,  Simga 14mm – 35mm f/1.4, Tokina 17mm f/4.0 lens, and Nikkor 85mm f/1.8 lens. Reflectors and strobe lights along with other enhancements are also used.

No. For any booking, if the payment is made through PayPal, then all the charges levied by PayPal must be included while paying the booking fee.

 For each additional photo, we charge its as from (3$ to 5$) depends on the quantity.

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