Unique Wedding in Mauritius

Every wedding is unique and its start here in Mauritius

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We witness thousands of weddings in Mauritius and yet all of them are unique.
It’s been a great pleasure to notice that the bride and groom were taking notes of everything we did advise them to have a perfect wedding and how to handle the guests and special thanks to the mother of the bride.
Was so impressed to see no one using their phones and do not disturb our work 🤪
effortlessly captured so many beautiful portraits and fun details, including the cake cutting ceremony with a fire ax!

Natural Wedding Photography is a way of photographing a wedding without any intervention or direction.

Instead of the traditional formal photography, natural wedding photography allows the clients to relax and enjoy their day.

Scroll until the end, there are wonderful fireworks…

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If you find yourself asking “ Doing a wedding in Seychelles or Mauritius is worth it”, have a look below and we think you’ll find the answer easily enough 🙂

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