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Modeling Photo-Shoots And Portfolio

Modeling Portfolio Book

Focus Photography provides you a team of international professional photographers, makeup artists and lighting designers who will help you build a modeling portfolio book.

At focus photography we help set every aspiring model for a greater future.


You’ve probably heard this adage before – These days, a picture is worth a thousand words – probably more! Photos enable you to show your clients and customers what have to offer rather than tell them.


When you are first starting out as a model, it is not necessary to have professional modeling photo-shoot. Simple snapshots are all you need in order to find out if a modeling agency is interested in representing you.

However, if an agency is interested in you, but it is not quite ready to sign on the dotted line, the agency may ask you to build modeling portfolio book a little bit more or work on developing your look. For a new model this can be very confusing if they have no idea about what the agency is looking for or what it all really means.

Modeling Portfolio Book


Agencies are interested in photos that show the model’s versatility and their ability to express themselves. They also like to see how well the model can actually tell a story or portray a feeling or emotion in their photos.


Models visit Mauritius for the professional photo shoots and Focus Photography helps them to build a solid modeling portfolio to give a kick start to their career in modeling industry. We provide an experienced beauty and fashion photo shoot. We have a team of backstage professionals and makeup artists.


modeling portfolio


At Focus photography we provide these services to enhance your experience.

  1. We have professional photographers:  In a genre that appreciates the gritty, the spontaneous, the accidental, the mistake, you can pretty much use whatever works for you. Only an experienced professional knows how to do the job perfectly. The number of pictures you take isn’t limited and you can see immediately how good a shot is.
  2. We consider the setting: Are you going to be shooting against a plain white background or something more exciting? Will you be indoors or outdoors?  We make sure we know where the model will be and have an idea of the kind of poses we want them to do. We make sure the setting is suitable for what we want.
  3. We consider how we light the picture:  Natural light is very different to indoor lighting; we plan how we will light your picture and won’t allow for anything going wrong with the lighting, even when you are shooting outside.
  4. We talk to the model: It is easier to get a good picture of someone when they feel comfortable around you, chatting to the model while we are working together help make them feel more relaxed, resulting in better pictures.
  5. We get the model to try out lots of different poses and expressions: Give them directions on what kind of poses we want, if we need them to move their arm an inch to make the shot look great, we simply ask them. We are the one who can see how the shot will look, we tell the model what to do, and we don’t rely on them figuring it out themselves.

boudoir session in Mauritius

Mauritius is very reputed for its beautiful beaches. Beaches mean beautiful landscapes and wide-angle shots, but don’t forget to look under your nose. Change from wide-angle to close-ups. This perspective shift will allow us to take totally different photos for outdoor shoots.

Beach Photography in Mauritius


Turn your beach photographs from just few layman snaps to staggering landscapes and portraits with beach shooting from our professional photographers.

Beaches of Mauritius is crammed full of interesting ideas and views to get the creative juices flowing and get a number of amazing photographs clicked for your modeling portfolio book.


Focus Photography specializes in Beach Photography sessions and mixing it with Boudoir Session is just like a cherry on top of the cake.

Boudoir Photography is all about the inner peace and comfort and how the cameraman captures it shows his professionalism.


If you are looking for special boudoir session in Mauritius and a little befuddled where to go, give us a chance, and we will not disappoint you. Our Special Beach Photography in Mauritius is worth every penny for you.


As professionals & full time photographers, we know all the hidden gems and places in Mauritius and can create the most beautiful shots with you.

Whatever the season and the conditions, we will take you to the places that suit you best and make a modeling portfolio book that will boost your career in modeling industry.

modeling photo-shoots

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