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Hiking Above the Clouds

January 3, 2018 by Johny Richardson in Nature 0 comments
Hiking Above the Clouds


An amazing experience to be on the top of Le Pouce Mountain Mauritius with Focus Photography.

Le Pouce (English: “The Thumb”) is the third highest mountain in Mauritius, at 812 meters (2664 feet). Only Piton de la Petite Rivière Noire (828 m) and Pieter Both (820 m) are taller. It is named Le Pouce because of the thumb-shaped peak of the mountain. It can be viewed from the capital of Mauritius, Port Louis, and is a popular hike for the view of the city. The mountain is in the Moka Range and is closest to the village of La Laura-Malenga in the Moka District. Charles Darwin ascended the mountain on 2 May 1836.

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Hiking through the stunning Le Pouce Mountain of Mauritius is like living the most beautiful dream. The serene mountain is the ultimate destination to have a great adventurous vacation with your family or loved ones.  It is utterly important to capture these precious moments and keep them with you forever as the most cherished memories and to capture these memories right, you need us. Focus Photography has the most amazing Mauritius Vacation Photographer for your family vacation. We travel with you and get all those moments captured candidly and some amazing poses at surprising locations.

Now you can relax and have a fun time with your family and loved ones without having to worry about taking your camera out and spending hours in clicking the perfect shot. We are here for you, Hiking through the Le Pouce Mountain of Mauritius and enjoying family time, we will capture your special moments without any hassle. Focus Photography is all about professional photography whether it is your vacation or wedding we are available for all of them.

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